WE ARE OPEN. Pre-Book & Pre-Pay Only – NO ‘Walk in’ or ‘Pay & Play’. NO BAG SHARING.
Advance bookings: by telephone 3 days; Online through this website 7 days.
We allow 4-balls after 11am so you might experience SLOW PLAY.
Two people maximum in the cabin/shop at any one time where a mask must be worn. No Mask = No Entry.
Do not pick up items found on the course.

Although the government have announced that mask-wearing will no longer be a legal requirement from 19th July we are following the advice of SAGE and will continue with our current Covid-19 restrictions in the Car Park, Cabin/Shop and Diner for the foreseeable future. Mask/face covering must be worn. 2 meters social distancing. Max 2 people inside. If you cannot/will not wear a mask you cannot come in but will be […]